FREE shipping on orders over $100


What's your return policy?

90% of the time, all plant sales are final.

If your plant arrived dead or in very poor condition, please contact me within 24 hours of receipt (with photos!) and I will assess each situation individually.

Please note that I cannot be held responsible for USPS delays, the weather, or when you receive and open the package.

When can I expect my order to ship?

I only ship on Mondays or Tuesdays. If you place an order on Monday or Tuesday, it probably won't go out until the following week.

My order just arrived! What should I do now?

Aftercare is a big part of your new plant's success! Once you have it out of the box, here are the best ways to help it settle in:

  • It's best to slowly acclimate it to its new environment. Avoid placing it in direct sun or bright light for the first few days.
  • Always allow a plant 3-4 weeks in its new home before repotting.
  • Research your new plants needs! Not all Hoyas require the same care.

Please contact me if you have questions 😊

I had my order sent to my PO Box and it's dead. What can I do?

Sorry, but I do not offer refunds on orders shipped to PO Boxes.

My Hoya arrived dead due to shipping delays. What are my options?

Unfortunately I cannot be held responsible for USPS shipping delays. However, you may be eligible for an insurance claim through USPS. Please see their website for more info.

My Hoya arrived on time but dead! What are my options?

Please contact me within 24 hours to discuss a refund if you meet these requirements:

  • The plant was delivered on the first attempt.
  • You've provided clear evidence (photos or unboxing video)
  • Your address was correct and not forwarded.
  • You did not have it shipped to the PO Box.

How much is shipping and what carrier do you use?

USPS priority shipping ranges from $10.50 to $12 for all orders, depending on the time of year. This includes packaging & handling costs.

USPS Priority Express is $35.

Do you offer local pickup?

Yes! You have the option of selecting local pickup (Portage Park - Chicago) at checkout. Once you've placed your order, I will contact you to discuss a pickup time.

I bought this Hoya labeled as one thing, but I believe it to be another. Can I have a refund?

All of my Hoyas are purchased from overseas vendors and sold to you with the ID that they were sold to me with. I cannot be responsible for misidentified plants.

What can I expect when buying a plant online?

Shipping plants is stressful! Stressful to the buyer, the seller, and, of course, to the plant. Even with the best packaging, most plants will not arrive perfectly. In most cases the damage is minimal. Wilted/limp leaves (especially new growth) is totally normal. In my experience, new growth usually doesn't survive transit. Take new growth on the plant as more of an indication that it is a healthy and happily growing plant. Yellowing of leaves or leaf loss does happen, but should be minimal. If there are black stems or the roots look bad, that is no bueno. Please contact me to discuss a refund.

Do you have a storefront?

Not at this time.